Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine is a well known anesthetic medication that has been used for over 50 years. In the last decade, repeated studies have shown that in low IV doses, ketamine can rapidly induce anti-depression. The National Institute of Mental Health supports this breakthrough in treatment. View the NIMH articles below for more information.

Approximately one-third of those suffering from depression do not respond to conventional treatments, and this is termed treatment-resistant depression, or TRD. Low dose ketamine infusions have been shown to significantly improve symptoms in greater than 70% of recipients, often times within an hour of receiving the infusion.

Ketamine is being used to treat other mental health conditions such as severe depression with suicidality, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, postpartum depression, and anxiety. It is also showing promising results for chronic pain sufferers, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, and refractory chronic migraines.

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 In light of the very positive data coming out, we believe that this should be an accessible treatment option right here in our community, especially when there are patients who travel out of state to receive this therapy.

At ICT Ketamine Center, we believe in the team approach. It is preferred that you have a current diagnosis and that you are referred by your current provider, however, this is not a requirement. We will consider each individual on a case by case basis. Please keep in mind that for mental wellness infusions, it is mandatory that you follow up with your mental health care provider.

We ensure you an environment in which you will be comfortable, but most importantly, you will be safe.

What does ketamine infusion therapy cost?
Is IV ketamine therapy right for you? Have this discussion with your healthcare provider, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

National Institue of Mental Health Articles

Our friends at Boise Ketamine Clinic have provided an excellent illustration of how ketamine works in the brain for depression and chronic pain.

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